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This Is Your Life
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The Garden of My Soul


In the garden of my soul
I have begun a work
while being faithful to Design
my duty I will not shirk.

I know I have been granted
the deed to this my ground
I will then be so careful
with the riches I have found.

Many could be the seasons
for what I should hope to see
what might flourish in my garden
will bring Joy to You and me.

Before the final harvest
Your Glory will be revealed
all because of Your Promise
of The Life that You have sealed.

You've provided me the seed
as well the desired Goal
You've granted me the wisdom
to prevent the wicked mole.

Daily comes the privilege
to entertain You my guest
may the beauty of my garden
provide You a special rest.

With the proper nourishment
that's found only in Your Light
each plant will be a treasure
even growing in the night.

In the garden of my soul
is now a very special place
The Throne of The Almighty
who has revealed His Face.



20/01/2007 #743691-0209-103350




This Is Your Life - The Garden of The Soul

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