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Thank You For Your Life of Faithful Service
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~ The Soldier’s Cry ~

I’ve been endowed by The Creator

With the courage to take a stand

To uphold Your Godly Principles

And serve My Lord Who’s in Command!

So while I’m engaged in battle

I know Your Word Is My Defense

Should others choose to disapprove

Trust In You will be my lone offense!

You’ve placed a fire within my heart

And intense longing in my Soul

Then You honored me with Your Love

And The Purpose to reach a Goal!

What ever should be the outcome

May not be known until the end

But rest assured The Lord still is

The One on whom I will depend!

He leads me down each narrow street

Where the enemy does await

His planned attacks will come to naught

Because My Savior Is The Gate!

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Written for and dedicated to all who have
served in the military.


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Thank You For Your Life of Faithful Service

As a Viet Nam Veteran

I Appreciate The Military Forces

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Is Lord

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