Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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In Honor of:
The Lord

Jesus Christ

I Dedicate this testimonial to Him.





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Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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The Excuse

The following testimony is purposed to be a witness of The Saving Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has birthed in my heart a need, one that will satisfy the burden that weighs heavy on my conscience.  Many will be able to witness to the fact that they as well have known this same burden, and sought for their own release from the torment it creates deep within their soul.
I know that there will be many that will continue to not believe, there will even be some that will say that it is not sound doctrine.  Whether you, the reader, believe this following testimony or not, is not the issue that matters at this moment; rather, after meeting, having, and seeing The Truth,  you as well must admit - He births a fundamental need in your heart to share HIM!

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